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The Complete Guide to Vehicle Booking System and How to Choose the Best One

What is a Vehicle Booking System?

Fleet vehicle booking systems are used by businesses that rely heavily on vehicles such as taxi companies, delivery companies, and courier services. They help such businesses manage their fleets of cars and make it easier for them to track the location of their vehicles.

 They also help with managing the vehicles and give alerts on any problems or issues with them. It allows them to monitor all aspects of fleet vehicles, including centralized tracking and control, scheduling, and cost management in a web-based environment.

How vehicle booking systems provide benefits to individuals and businesses:

Fleet management problems, such as suboptimal routing, poor asset utilization, and inefficient dispatch, often compromise the efficiency of delivery and taxi businesses.

Delivery services and taxi companies are often forced to use a paper-based manual system for tracking, scheduling, and dispatching vehicles. This results in information overload, time wasted on data entry, and significant overheads caused by multiple people handling the same task.

Some of the benefits of vehicle booking systems include the following:

– Vehicle availability and pricing information

– Vehicle pickup and drop-off location information.

– The online reservation system allows both the buyer and seller to save time.

– The buyer no longer has to call dealerships, agencies, or other third-party organizations to find a car for sale.

– They can now look at any car on the market and reserve it with just one click.

– Sellers benefit too by not having to waste time with tire kickers who are just looking around and not buying anything.

The Pros and Cons of Using a Vehicle Booking System


– It allows for a more accurate estimation of the availability of vehicles in a fleet.

– It helps to reduce costs by providing a way to make more informed decisions about which vehicles should be rented from where, and when.

– It provides an easy way to track any issues with vehicles that may arise during rentals, such as accidents or theft.

– It provides an easy way to find out about any changes in price or availability for specific vehicles at any given time


– The system may not be able to accommodate all requests, and it may have a problem with the customer’s credit card.

Another disadvantage of using the system is that it can be difficult to find out how much time you will need for your journey.

In general, booking a car through an app or service can be easy and convenient if you are in a city or town with many car rental services available. But if you are in a rural area where there are fewer options, then this convenience can turn into frustration as you try to find an available car at the times and locations you need.


  • Linux Server with LAMP/LEMP and Ensure Php version of 7.4.13 or more.

  • FTP tools to upload files on your local server.

  • Mysql to create your database.

How to run the script?

After you get the script from code canyon, run the script via FTP client on your localhost server. Ensure that your local server is running on the PHP version of 7.4.13 or more.

  • Install the car reservation system script from code canyon.
  • Give the address on mysql server.
  • Username and password.
  • Database directory name.

Server and extensions:

  • PHP version of 7.4.13 or more.
  • BCMath PHP Extension.
  • Ctype PHP Extension.
  • PDO PHP Extension.
  • Tokenizer PHP Extension.
  • Fileinfo PHP Extension.
  • SON PHP Extension.
  • OpenSSL PHP Extension.
  • XML PHP Extension.
  • Mbstring PHP Extension.

After installing the script, you need to enter five details such as:

  1. The Purchase Code – You receive this code when you make a purchase on code canyon.

  2. Your Mysql/MariaDB server address.

  3. Enter Database Username.

  4. Database User password.

  5. Finally your Database Name.
login screen

Installation proceeds once all the above details are verified.

Email configuration:

The next step is to configure your email with the booking system. You initially have a dummy email in the system which needs to be replaced by your email.

To configure it follow along with the steps:

  • Go to the mail.php file inside the config directory.

  • Change with your SMTP HOST.

  • Change with your Email Address.

  • Change Fleet Manager with your Business Name.

  • Change your with your Email Address.

  • Change your-email-password with your Email Address Password.

  • Save The File and upload it to your local host server.

Configure Notification:

To configure fleet manager notifications do the following:

  • Make sure to add the expiration dates for vehicles and drivers when adding them, and set reminders for vehicle maintenance.

  • Using your control panel, set cron jobs and run schedule commands.

Run this schedule on every minute in your control panel.

/usr/local/bin/php7x /home/YOUR_FLEET_FOLDER_NAME/public_html/framework/artisan schedule:run

Login with the default username: and password: password.


  • System users allows you to add, edit and manage users in the dashboard. You can assign drivers into different car groups, so that the particular user only sees those vehicles.

  • Manage drivers and customers to add, edit and import the list on excel sheets.

  • Track reports such as income, expense, monthly and booking reports.

  • Add, edit and track fuel reports.
  • sms integration with twilio.

  • Instant email notifications.

  • Google maps API.

  • online integrated payments using stripe and razorpay.

  • Reviews and testimonials submission.

Conclusion:  Booking a car can be a hassle. It requires a lot of time and energy, but with the use of a car reservation booking system, it can be easier to reserve a car. Car reservation booking systems give their user an easy way to find the perfect car at the perfect time for them.

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