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The Complete Guide to the Best Mini Robot Vacuums for hardwood floors and Their Uses

What is a mini robot vacuum?

Mini robot vacuums are ultra-portable, high-performance, automated vacuum cleaners that work on a variety of surfaces – from hardwood to tile floors. Most importantly, they require very little maintenance and even less physical effort on your part. They are very convenient for people who have allergies or asthma. What sets them apart is their ability to clean all types of floor surfaces, which means you don’t have to be picky about where you place them.

With the rate of technological advancements and the way it has touched various industries, it will only continue to revolutionize our living standards on how we clean.

They have a rotating brush to agitate dust and debris, which is then sucked into a bin or reservoir. Robot vacuum cleaners can reduce an average of 60–80% of the amount of labor required to keep carpets clean.

How does it work?

The big question is how does it work? It’s a robot after all. They are powered by batteries and some of them include a docking station that can be used to charge their batteries, some don’t even have detachable batteries. They use wheels or rotating brushes to move around and a suction system to pick up dirt and dust from your floors.

These devices are automated, meaning they can move around on wheels or a rotating brush and use a suction system to pick up dirt and dust from your floors. In simple terms, these cleaning machines can be activated by voice command, touchpad, wifi, remote control, or by a preprogrammed set of instructions.

Of course, each mini robot vacuum manufacturer has their own way of describing their robot vacuums, which can make reading about them quite confusing. We have put together a guide to help you separate fact from fiction, and find out which is right for you and your home.

If you are looking for the best guide to buying a mini robot vacuum, then you’ve come to the right place. This guide is designed to provide you with all the important information on these products and help you choose the best one for your home.

Main Features of Mini Robot Vacuums:

-Automatic navigation: The most convenient thing about robotic vacuum cleaners is that they can maneuver around obstacles and reach every nook and cranny of your home. They are equipped with sensors and wi-fi for performing automatic navigation around your home without causing any collateral damage to your furniture and walls. These sensors enable them to map your house and move around as a human would.

-Deep cleaning: This technique of a robotic vacuum cleaner focuses on cleaning along the edges of your room. A robot is equipped with a side brush that makes sure all the edges and corners of your room are cleaned thoroughly. Some robot vacuums come with a side sweeper accessory that can be used to clean along the edges of your home.

– Less Power Consumption: A robotic vacuum cleaner is capable of having a longer runtime than its counterparts with much less power consumption. You wouldn’t be worried about being out of charge while cleaning your home.

-Lift and sweep: Robotic vacuums often use this method for picking up dirt, dust, pet hair, etc. It’s a combination of the brush roll and suction technique. Both the brush roll and suction work together to clean your home from dirt, dust, and other allergens.

Remote operation: If you are busy with work and you want to save some time cleaning the house, simply turn on the mini robot vacuum through a mobile app, then sit back and relax until it’s done cleaning your home.

What to look in a mini robot cleaner.

Suction power: Robot vacuum cleaners come with different suction power. It is a good idea to go for high suction power possibly in the range of 2500- 3000 pa. The higher the suction power, the better the ability of the machine to clean hardwood floors, carpet, tiles, and other surfaces. Many companies have developed robotic vacuums with a HEPA filter to remove fine dust particles from reaching your lungs.

Dustbin capacity: The dustbin inside the robot vacuum cleaner should be large enough so that you don’t have to empty it frequently. By doing this, the vacuum cleaner will be able to perform more work. You can pick a robot vacuum cleaner with a dustbin capacity of 550 ml, which is generally ideal if you have kids or pets.

Battery Life:  Good battery life is essential, especially if the vacuum is going to run continuously for long periods of time. When the battery is running low, these robot vacuums reach their dock station and resume charging.

3 Best  Mini Robot vacuums to consider:

Mi Robot Vacuum:

Mi Robot Vacuum is a high-end robotic vacuum cleaner with a laser navigation system (LDS), that allows you to scan and map out your interior space to provide a precise cleaning path.

 Jampacked with a powerful motor of 2100 Pa allows makes it suitable for any type of flooring including, ceramic tiles, marble surfaces, and wooden floors. The portable vacuum includes S & Y pattern for large areas and deep cleaning. This Mi Robot Vacuum comes with 2 side brushes that can be adjusted and 2 protrusions on the underside of the vacuum that help pick up pet hair.

Scheduled cleaning and restricted zones allow you to make cleaning plans, so that Mi Robot Vacuum can clean the specific areas at optimal times of the day. You can set different cleaning modes say sweeping and mopping at one time, or both at the same time, if the need persists.

Smart mapping entails the user to store up to 10-floor plans, allowing it to automatically clean an entire home on its own, avoiding stairs and other obstacles. Wifi connectivity and Mi Home App control, lets you monitor the cleaning status and run the mini vacuum remotely.

The water tank (550ml) is easy to refill and is just about enough to mop an area of 800 sqft. It utilizes a 3200mAh lithium battery for long-lasting moisture absorption and effective performance. To go with cons, we found the Mi robot vacuum has a glossy plastic body, which easily catches dust and hand stains. Secondly, it can get noisy, given it’s suction power. Thirdly wet mopping isn’t as good as dry cleaning.

Eureka Forbes Robotic Vacuum Cleaner:

This automatic budget-friendly vacuum cleaner is introduced to you by Eureka Forbes, is diligent and committed towards innovation. Forbes Robotic Vacuum Cleaner is one such product of theirs that is sure to help you clean up your mess.

With a powerful suction of 600 Pa, it easily sucks dirt and debris from all surfaces whether it is tiles, carpets, or wooden floors. A long-lasting duraclean battery of 2400 mAh ensures longevity and is more than enough to clean any room size for two straight hours.

The well-equipped device comes with a dust bag that can hold up to 3 days of dust. The inbuilt UV lamp helps sterilize the environment while cleaning. It automatically ascends and descends from the walls and cleans the area.

 It has 6 powerful multi-cleaning modes: Spiral cleaning, Random cleaning, S shape cleaning Edge cleaning, Spot cleaning. Less sound when compared to other mini robot vacuums out there in the market.  An automatic charging system integrated into it makes sure that it stays charged at the docking point and is geared up when called upon on.

On the flip side, it uses a remote control which means it can’t be operated by an app or through Wifi. It does not map your room area, so there are good chances, that it may end up cleaning the same portion twice. Mopping levels are just about good enough for light usage.

Roomba i7 robot vacuum:

The Roomba i7 robot vacuum is one of the best-reviewed robot vacuums on the market. The Roomba i7 is a smart, efficient, and elegant solution to keep your floors clean while you get on with more important things in life.

This mini robot vacuum is engineered with Dirt Detect Multi-Surface Brushes that pick up everything from deep down dirt to small fine pet hair in, its patented extractor and disposal system, which locks in the first layer of air filtration for a cleaner home.

The Robo mop uses state-of-the-art mapping and navigation to clean your floors for you. Using the Airovac 3.0 system, the Roomba j7 has 10X suction power over its previous models.

The vacuum uses smart mapping to create a custom cleaning plan that will clean your whole house quickly and efficiently. You can use your smartphone to schedule cleaning plans followed by voice commands which connects seamlessly with Google Assistant and Alexa. Once cleaning is done, the portable vacuum cleaner returns back to its dock station.  

On the downside, we found that it still lags behind when it comes to cleaning carpets. It also fails to climb bases, that are relatively higher than the plan surface.


So, are they really worth the money? In our opinion, yes, they certainly are! They can help you to save time by sweeping and mopping your floor in no time, without you needing to work. When it comes to mopping, it may not be as effective, if you are looking to mop your floors vigorously.

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