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7 Best Free and Paid SEO tools for small business in the US and UK 2022

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is essentially used by most small businesses if you want to take a slice of the cake. But before we jump into SEO, we need to know what Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is and how SEO plays a part in it. Business owners who don’t make use of SEM, miss out on a lot of opportunities for getting their business known by millions of people.

Now it is very important to understand that SEM is a broad term it comprises of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC).

Search Engine Optimization: Seo is an internet marketing strategy that involves optimizing your business website. In order to do that you need a keyword research tool, to write and optimize content according to your niche or business. Seo is an organic way to gain tons of traffic to your website.

A user types in a particular keyword on the search engine and your optimized content shows up. Boom just like that you have got a potential customer looking for your services. For example, You run a pizza shop in Chicago. Now all you have to do is, use a keyword research tool and find keywords related to pizza shops and Chicago with low keyword difficulty and write good engaging content accordingly.

SEO tools for small business

But note that, you have to create content in abundance say at least (20-25) articles, and follow the same steps above. You can also outsource your content using Fiverr. Once all is done, you can submit your website to google for it to be indexed. SEO is a good option for those who want to rank both locally within their area, country, or globally.

Pay Per Click (PPC): If you just want to create a website and get ranked fast then you can go with PPC. Pay Per Click is an online method of advertising your services by bidding for a keyword. For example: You can use the Google AdWords tool to see, what is the bidding range for example for the keyword: “Best pizza shops in Chicago”.

The AdWords tool will give you information on how much valuable that keyword is in the current market. One who bids more than the rest for the same keyword wins. So when a user is searching for the best pizza in Chicago, your ad shows up first in the search engine and when a user clicks on that ad, you pay. Therefore, your services are directly marketed to people who are actively seeking them.

Small Business Statistics:

  • Almost half of the micro-business owners 49% found it worthy to invest in SEO to generate leads and build a good online presence.
  • About 40% of such businesses use SEO tools to mark their presence.
  • Nearly one quarter 24 % plan to invest further in the coming years. (Source: The Manifest

How do you know if your business needs SEO tools:

This can be ascertained by the following criteria:

  • Your regular lead generation efforts are not sufficient to generate leads.
  • You are willing to spend your time and effort to build a sustainable online presence.
  • You are looking to solve consumers problems with your products and services.
  • You are focused on the long term gains. SEO success is not instant, just like any investment, your business will reap the benefits over a period of time.

Benefits of Seo for small buisness:

Brand Awareness:

If you are running a small business, SEO is an excellent way to build your brand online. It helps you to convert your website traffic into leads. You can attain SEO ranking for certain keywords using SEO tools, which results in SEO traffic and SEO leads for you with minimal effort.

SEO Process

Improves conversion rates:

SEO tools help you to improve your conversion rates. They keep a track of what is currently trending on the search engine inclined to your services so that you can make the best use of its insights to boost your conversion rate.

Get targeted traffic and leads:

Two-thirds of the SEO marketers 66% believe that SEO is one of the best ways to generate targeted traffic. One of the best aspects of SEO is that it increases your reach in terms of attracting audience across diverse geographical locations. It also attracts a larger part of the audience who are unlikely to visit your shop physically or who would not have heard about you otherwise.

Speeds up site indexing:

SEO tools can help you to speed up the process of getting your website listed on search engines as soon as you publish it.  Google in particular uses time (up to two weeks) for indexing a newly published web page.

Generates revenue for longterm:

It is a long-term investment, which needs SEO tools to be used consistently over a period of time for you to see consistent results. It helps you to evaluate your site’s SEO performance and continues making SEO changes to keep the SEO techniques relevant.  This way you can stay ahead of the competition and ensure that SEO is pushing your business forward.

Beat competitors:

There are bigger organizations who are fishing in the same pond as you. But most of these organizations go for PPC as they have a good budget in place. Now if you are tight on budget, you can still outrank your competition by targeting the right keywords, building backlinks, actively engaging on other social media platforms, and providing more value to your potential leads. This way SEO can help you to beat your competitors in terms of organic search SEO ranking.

List of best seo tools for small businesses:

We have compiled a list of the top SEO tools (Paid & Free) that your business could take advantage of to boost SEO ranking.  You can use these tools to create SEO-friendly content, audit reports, monitor rankings, target keywords, and much more.

Google Search Console:

google search console
Image credit: Google Search Console

If you are an SEO newbie, then you can get started with the google search console for free. It provides users with a keyword planner tool that generates keyword ideas in various combinations, monthly search volumes, and the CPC ad costs all driven by google’s database. Although it is absolutely free, it does not give you advanced options such as keyword difficulty, competition analysis, backlink analysis, ranking analysis, site audits, etc.


sem rush

Semrush is a robust SEO tool that helps you keep track of your competitors and provides you with a wider range of SEO data. It is the most sought out SEO tool in the market which features keyword research, site auditing, rank tracking, and finding good advertising opportunities for your business, which makes it very popular among business professionals. It also includes a backlink analysis tool that can give you an insight, on how other sites are linking to your site and if there are any broken links that need to be removed from the list. SEMrush SEO tools offers a 7 days free trial.

Mangools (KW Finder):

Image credit: Mangools

If you are looking for a cheaper alternative to Semrush, then KW Finder is the best option. It offers almost similar features to Semrush which includes keyword research, keyword difficulty, search volume trend, CPC cost, site, and backlink analysis. Most of all Mangools (KW Finder) is known for finding long-tail keywords with low competition. It offers a generous 10 day free trial with access to all its features.


Image credit: Ahrefs

This is another powerful SEO tool used by corporates, entrepreneurs, and SEO experts which a total content index of more than 5 billion pages. Ahrefs update their search metrics every 24 hours and their keywords database has about 11.6 billion keywords from 10 search engines, which is what makes this tool ideal for business marketers. Some of its key features include keyword research, keyword difficulty, search volume, CPC, site auditing, rank tracking. They also have a decent backlink explorer tool that shows all the sites that link back to your site. You can test their services with a free trial of 7$ for 7 days.

H supertools:

h super tools
Image credit: H supertools

H-supertools offers SEO services absolutely free of cost. You can do your keyword research end number of times, SEO analysis, explore questions related to the keywords, monthly search volumes, paid competition for the keyword, and check the CPC costs. It also offers other features such as email validation, a youtube keyword research tool, and an Instagram hashtag generator. Despite the lack of keyword difficulty metrics, this tool excels in every other aspect. I would definitely recommend this tool to newbies or business owners who don’t have the budget to get started with their SEO journey.


Image credit: Spyfu

As the name suggests, this tool spies on your competitors. It offers detailed insights on what particular organic keywords your competitors are using, estimated monthly clicks for those keywords, ads your competitors are running, and also the keywords you could make the best use of for your business. You can use it for free and check on your competitors.  

Google Trends:

google trends
Image credit: Google Trends

Google trends is not an SEO tool but it definitely keeps the user up to date with the latest trending topics across the globe. You can specifically categorize the topic you intend to search and google trends does the rest. This is a good way to monitor the trending patterns over a period of time. You also have the option to select a particular region/ country and see what the top-grossing topics are.


To conclude all these tools are good to get started for your small business. You can definitely test out some of the tools absolutely free of cost for life. The basic picture is to look for a problem and then it is for your business to address those problems and solve them.

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