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4 Best CRM Email marketing tools for small business in the US and UK 2022.

CRM email marketing is the process of using an organization’s database to send targeted, personalized emails with links that direct customers to a website or landing page for conversion purposes.

Small businesses, often have trouble managing their customer’s data and follow-up on leads because they don’t have the time nor the resources to do it properly.
If you want to increase your marketing ROI with email?  Then CRM is the answer, as simple as that.

CRM campaigns are more effective than traditional email marketing because they go an extra mile by giving you detailed insights such as customer preferences, behavior, email validation, retention rate, email deliverability, and at the same time automating all your email campaigns, saving you precious time.

This system helps organizations build better customer relationships, as well as keep track of your sales progress and market research data. This type of software can be used by businesses in all industries – from the corner store up to the Fortune 500 company.

Types of CRM systems:

It’s important for small corporates and marketers to understand that there are two types of CRM systems: Data-driven and People-driven.

  • With data-driven CRM, customers are identified in advance so that they can be sent an e-mail with a customized message. Data driven CRM analyzes a prospect’s profile information and their response to the emails they receive from the business. Companies can also use software to identify new leads with precise information such as their location and preferences, this also depends on the CRM  provider, you choose for your small business.

  • On the contrary, people driven CRM, involves choosing an e mail service provider with whom, you can manage all your campaigns, as well as your sales objectives and follow-up tasks.  When you choose this option for small business, your marketing team will access real time information about all customers from one simple interface,while receiving real time support on their activities. People-driven CRMs have limitations when it comes to automation but provide valuable insight into how you interact with your customer base on a personal level. You may need both depending on what stage of growth you’re in! 
CRM email marketing

Along with this type of marketing tool, there are two categories of basic data: behavioral (what people do) and attitudinal (what they feel). Behavioral data is easier to obtain through e-commerce sites like Amazon, while attitudinal data is gathered through more interactive platforms like social media. If your email-marketing implementation is based upon the e suite, then it’s important to know that the e suite CRM can be used for attitudinal data analysis or the “people-driven” type. KISSmetrics and Hubspot are some of the e suite providers who have inbuilt language libraries with a variety of predefined questions.

Types of E-mail lists and segmentation ideas your business could use:

There are businesses and email marketing solutions providers (corporate, B2B, E-mail service providers (ESP), who have tools that will help you segment your mailing lists.  This segmentation is more than sending broadcast emails to all your customers, rather it allows you to customize the content of the mails so that businesses can understand the behavior of customers

Enterprises and service providers use segmentation as an effective strategy for targeting marketing campaigns based on customer preferences and interests. For example, a car rental company might segment its emailing lists into age groups. The service provider sends emails to customers, whose addresses indicate that they are between the ages of 36 and 50 years old, offering them a discount for booking a rental car in advance.

What are some of the things that you should consider while making email templates?

E-mails work best when they’re easy on the eyes. E-mail marketing is all about emails that look great! The emails should be clean and simple, with an emphasis on readability and clarity.

Adding a personal touch helps! Yes, because email subscribers are more likely to respond to your emails if they look like a familiar text message.  This increases their willingness to open them and read what you have written inside.  As e-marketing experts suggest; since emails can easily end up in spam folders or unread folders, so using SMS language will help you increase the likelihood of getting some action from your prospects. Furthermore, you can send various e-mail lists, to test which converts best for your business. Some of them are listed below:

Promotions:    These e-mail marketing campaigns are mostly designed to introduce new products and services, e-mail promotions may also send information about the latest news from your company.

Businesses can raise brand awareness by sending emails that advertise their goods and services, but they will still need to focus on creating a bond with their customers.  Most people only read emails they feel are useful or important for them so finding the right balance of emailing is key!  What’s more, using different email templates for each individual gives you a variety of options at your disposal. This is an effective way for small businesses to increase response rates.  

 Newsletters:    A newsletter is another email marketing campaign that is gaining popularity with e-businesses. Newsletters are emails sent to their customer base and prospects, usually at regular intervals. It is a way for businesses to keep their client base informed about the latest news from the company or updates on new products and services.  

What makes email campaigns such as newsletters so effective?  E-mail users who want information about your company will click to read more about it; thus giving you the opportunity to explain your offer in-depth. The trick is to always deliver them something of value, so it’s easier for e-business owners to retain customer loyalty!

E-mail blasts:  Also known as e-blasts or e-mail blasts – these emails are used by a business to offer an exclusive discount or promotion on a single product in order to increase sales. If you haven’t read Marketer’s tips for running successful e-blast campaigns yet, then here it is: The marketing experts ran several experiments using email subscription as the key metric and found that “the higher the subscriber count, the better”.    In other words, your goal should be to grow your list rapidly – without alienating people who already have one foot out the door.

Survey E-mails:  Survey mails are also emails sent to your customers and prospects with a questionnaire. It involves asking them questions in an email, which they will have the option to answer or not.   Business owners use e surveys for gathering feedback from their customers about what can be done to improve current products/services.

Needs according to Demographic and Geographical areas: Business owners can use any CRM with, inbuilt emailing segmentation, which will allow them to separate their e-mail lists according to geography and demographics.  This gives them accurate data of their customers’ emailing preferences.  This e-mail segmentation data is then used to create personal communication with each email campaign.  Therefore, it is also critical to run, e-mail marketing campaigns, tailored to the needs of a particular region.

Benefits of CRM Email Marketing:

  • Showcases Analytics for better reach: All CRM softwares are provided with a dashboard, which allows business owners to quickly view their e mailing statistics. Through this process, they can gain detailed insights and a better reach, enabling e-mail marketing strategies, and making modifications in e-mails that were previously sent.

  • Enables data entry automation: E mail marketing is a very time consuming and repetitive task.  Entering e mails into a CRM software, choosing e-mail templates and running campaigns is a quick way to save time and skip the repetitive process of  mailing . Mails can be sent to multiple e mail addresses from a single account.  You can also schedule campaigns to go out on specific dates, times and locations. Organisations greatly benefit from this feature as they do not have to spend hours working on their e-mails at the computer.

  • CRM software enhances communication: In addition to making work easier; CRM e mail software helps e business owners improve customer service by translating information into an understandable format. They make it easier for them to communicate with clients quickly and effectively via e mail. E Businesses also use this feature as a way of keeping track of appointments and reviews, which in turn reduces the number of reminders required in day-to-day operations!

  • Bulk e mail management: Through e mail automation software , the e-mails that you send out are stored in bulk format, which enables you to access them easily upon demand . This function helps business owners organise their e mailing lists effectively, and quickly.

  • Ensure data privacy: Data privacy is key to e business owners. A CRM software helps them to keep their e-mails private and confidential. This function is especially important for those, who are concerned about sensitive information reaching the wrong hands!

  • Building good customer relationship: CRMs helps small business owners build lasting relationships and engagement with their customers. As everybody knows targeting an existing customer is much easier as compared to a new one. Personalised mails can be sent based on the needs of the subscriber and increases rentention rate, as past studies have shown.

Pay attention to who has opened, viewed, and replied back, while the rest may benefit from a follow-up email. Likewise, refrain from sending continuous mails, since it increases the chances of your email being sent to the spam folder. Managing constant communication with your subscribers provides you with a way to build trust and authority through your relationship with them! Providing discounts, promos, coupons, ebooks, and guides through the mail is always a great idea.

Some best tools for setting up a CRM email campaign:

The best CRM email marketing tools for small businesses are those that offer a range of features such as automation and segmentation. They also provide intelligence to help you understand your audience better and improve your engagement on email.

With the help of these CRM email marketing tools, you can manage all your contacts in one place, track the open rates, analyze the success rates, automate replies and do much more. All of these tools are affordable and easy to use. In fact, most are free unless you want more features. 


Image credit: Moosend

Moosend is the go-to CRM marketing platform, ideally built to suit the needs of enterprises, entrepreneurs, small and mid-sized organizations. It is one of the most affordable CRM tools out there, in the market which features email automation, sending unlimited emails, custom reporting, subscription forms, and a dedicated account manager with phone support. You can get started with a free plan(forever) which gives the option to send unlimited emails. They have flexible pricing, which grows as subscribers grow.


  • Generous free plan upto 1000 subscribers.
  • Send unlimited Emails.
  • User friendly interface.
  • Pre designed e mail templates to use.
  • SMTP server available on paid plan.
  • 5-10 team members can join on paid plans.
  • Reporting and Tracking with analytics
  • Customer support with live chat.


  • Landing pages not included in free plan.
  •  No Auto saving, needs saving work manually.
  •  No mobile app version.

Get Response:

Get Response
Image credit: GetResponse

Get Response is an email marketing software that is one of the most reliable CRM advanced solutions available. It includes all the essential features a business should have like email automation, customer-specific newsletters, segmenting lists, analyzing and tracking statistics, and setting up an autoresponder. It is simple to set up and use. Some of its additional prime features include webinar hosting, landing pages, sales funnels automation, push notifications, and a website builder.


  • free trial for 30 days.
  • Easy to use and fast interface.
  • Sales funnels.
  • Landing pages.
  • Webinar funnels.
  • Auto responders.
  • Mobile app available.
  • Dedicated customer support.


  • It doesn’t offer an SMTP server.
  • Webinar attendees are limited to 100 in the plus plan.
  • A more user-friendly webinar tool would be beneficial.

Active campaign:

Active Campaign
Image credit: ActiveCampaign

Active campaign is another robust marketing automation tool, that provides business solutions for B2B and B2C and eCommerce stores. With access to more than 500 inbuilt automation, it includes an email builder, autoresponder, tracking analysis, deep segmentation, and email personalization across various social media platforms. This tool stands out among the rest when it comes to advanced automation capabilities, which is why it is an excellent way to manage your current subscribers, business deals, and prospects.


  • Robust all in one automation tool.
  • Good E mail deliverability rate.
  • Auto responder.
  • Email personalization and segmentation.
  • Split automation.
  • Customer analysis and advanced reporting (geo tracking and page visits).
  • Awesome customer support.


  • 14 days free trial
  • Dashboard can get glitchy sometimes.
  • It has a bit of learning curve


Image credit: SendX

Sendx is an automated email software that is widely trusted by more than 3000 business brands across the globe. It features a drag and drop editor, drip campaigns, advanced automation, and email segmentation to name a few among others.


  • Send unlimited e mails.
  • Good deliverability rate.(geo optimized).
  • Auto responder.
  • Form automation.
  • Responsive premium E mail templates and web forms.
  • E mail personalization and segmentation.
  • Free migration.
  • Drip campaigns.
  • Affordable plans.
  • 24/7 Dedicated customer service


  • Entitled to 14 days free trial.
  • Email tracking missing.
  • UI design could more user friendly.
  • Could do with more integrations.


To conclude CRM is a marketing strategy used by companies to build and maintain relationships with customers for long-term profits. You may have the best product to offer but if your customer does not know about it, then there is no chance that you can sell your product.

During this era of technology where everything is revolving around the internet and e-commerce, the services you provide to your customers should also be electronic. So, therefore email marketing tools that possess features like Autoresponder, Email Marketing, Email Delivery, Mailing List are best suited for small businesses.

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