Multi Line Phone System for Small business

3 Best Affordable Multi Line Phone System for Small business in the US and UK 2022.

What is a Multi Line Phone System?

A multi line phone system basically enables you to connect multiple calls via single handsets, thereby saving time and facilitating easy communication. It also enhances efficiency when you have to field multiple calls.

The importance of a good communication system can’t be underestimated especially in today’s technology-driven world where communication is key for a speedy business transaction.

With voice-over-internet protocol (VOIP), sometimes the simplest of tasks can be cumbersome. Having to pick up the handset, dial out, and then hand it off to someone else is time-consuming and inefficient. In order to make communication seamless, efficient, and seamless, it is important to have a reliable communication system.

 These systems make it easy for you to transfer calls on the fly; say, for example, if you’re in a meeting and your second line rings. You can just pick up the handset, tell your caller you’re busy, and then quickly transfer them to another extension without having to juggle any more than one handset.

Because you can redirect calls at any time with just your voice, which is ideal for VOIP systems. Therefore multi-line systems come in handy if you run a small business.

Benefits of multi line phone system:

  • A multi-line phone system enables you to make and receive multiple calls at once.

  • It encompasses both analogue and digital technology. This means you can seamlessly make calls over internet protocol (VOIP) and even traditional telephone lines.

  • Most multi-line phone systems are equipped with features like voicemail, call forwarding, recording, automated attendant, etc.

  • As it is an advanced system, you can customize the device according to your business needs.

  • The ability to transfer calls quickly is one of the best features these systems have. If you are in a business meeting and end up getting an important client’s call, transfer it over to another desk by simply picking up the phone and pressing a few buttons. You can then take care of both tasks at once while you continue your meeting.

  • The system can be easily integrated with other systems such as call centers, voicemail systems, Private Branch Exchange (PBX), etc.

  • They are more cost-effective than traditional telephone systems because they utilize VOIP technology.

Consider these factors before getting one:

  • Do you work in an environment that gets noisy or where there is a lot of background noise? Make sure you pick a system that is compatible with headsets.

  • Decide whether your need one line or more. – Go for a system that is expandable. This will ensure you can add more lines if your business grows. – Always consider budget and go for a system that best fits your needs.

  • It’s always advisable to opt for a multi-line phone system from a well-reputed manufacturer that offers after-sales services. In addition, it should have a warranty.

  • Check if there are any monthly charges associated with the system, especially porting your existing telephone number over to the new device.

  • Consider features that are most likely to benefit you in your business. It is advisable to go for an expandable phone system that will serve all your business needs at once, rather than buying a system that has features you don’t need and add them later.

Types of line systems:

2 line phone systems: This system is ideal for up to 5 users. It has two lines to answer incoming calls. If someone tries to call you while you are using your phone, the call will go to voicemail. You can pick up the other line or you can choose to ignore the call if you are already in a business meeting. There is also a function that allows you to pick up the first line and have the second line automatically routed to voicemail.

3 line phone systems: This is ideal for a small business with 15 employees. Like a 2 line system, it can be programmed to go to voicemail when you are using the phone.

4 line phone systems: 4 line systems are ideal for medium-sized businesses where you are required to receive, hold or transfer calls in large volumes. Even if your business operations grow rapidly, these systems can easily accommodate additional lines.

More than 4 lines: As far as productivity is concerned a 6 lines system, gives you better performance and a wide array of features when it comes to customization. Furthermore, these systems are equipped with expandable memory and powerful processors which is good for handling inbound and outbound calls

Some advanced features to consider in a Multi line phone systems:

Auto-attendant: This gives the business a professional and sophisticated feel. You can set up an auto-attendant in such a way that it routes incoming calls to specific departments. For example, if someone rings the mainline and the caller wants to speak to Sales, they will be transferred to the Sales department without human intervention.

Voicemail: This is very important for businesses and you can set up different options such as personalized announcements and customized greetings depending on the department. This way your prospects and customers will get important information more quickly.

Call forwarding: This feature makes it possible to call another line automatically when someone is busy with another call.

Location-based routing: This feature allows incoming calls to be routed to a specific department depending on the location of the caller. For example, calls from a specific ZIP code will automatically go to a Sales department while calls from another ZIP code will go to Accounting.

Call logging: This allows you to record all calls made from your business line within their system. The recordings can be used as evidence in case of disputes and grievances.

Conference call: This makes it possible for you to connect with 3 or more people and have a free-flowing conversation.

Transferring calls: You can transfer an incoming call to another department or person, and provide the caller with a call back number.

Easily integrates with fax machine: This allows you to integrate your phone system with a fax machine.

3 Best Featured Multiline Phones:

Grandstream (GXV3370) IP Video Phone:

  • Grandstream is a super cool video IP phone that is jam packed with amazing features. It has a 7” touch screen display, HD voice, built-in WiFi and Bluetooth for easy connection.

  • The GXV3370 features multi-party video conferencing with up to 3-way HD video calling, 7-way audio conferencing, built in PoE for easy installation and an intuitive user interface.

  • Provides excellent voice quality using its integrated echo cancellation and noise suppression technologies.

  • Runs on Android 7.0 and grants access to Google Play store, to download your favorite apps.

  • This IP phone also comes with an HDMI port that can be connected to Tv or Desktop.

  • The device offers true 720p touchscreen and advanced security encryption, such as TLS and SRTP, to guard your privacy.

  • With 2 GB RAM and 3 GB FLASH storage should not be an issue. Aside from that, you can also expand the memory through a USB and an SD card.

AT&T Small Business Phone System:

  • AT&T 4-Line Small Business Phone System offers the best of both worlds: a corded phone system that works like a cordless one.

  • It supports up to four lines and up to 11 users and provides a wireless solution that’s easy to use and helps you stay in touch with your team every day.

  • With its large backlit displays, easy-to-use navigation pad, and function keys make it simple for anyone in your business to make or receive calls from anywhere in the office or remotely from home.

  • The 4 auto-attendants allow you to direct calls appropriately, while the push-to-talk intercom feature lets you quickly communicate with each other.

  • Cordless connectivity even by half a mile. Phone system also includes using customizable voicemails and line status to easily handle multiple calls on the go.

  • Enjoy superior sound quality on both incoming and outgoing calls with DECT 6.0 technology, which delivers crystal-clear conversations while blocking out unwanted background noise – just like a corded phone.

  • Warranty period of two years.

Polycom Business Media Phone System:

  • Polycom is a small business IP phone system that allows you to stay organized and connected. It features 6 line key appearance, an ideal preferrance for business and call center operations.

  • This corded phone system includes a dual port with power over ethernet (POE), HD speakerphone. It uses your existing high speed Internet connection and works with virtually any type of home or office phone, so no expensive hardware or long-term contracts are required.

  • It features a built-in virtual receptionist with voice mail, extension dialling, and integration with Unified Communication platforms.

  • User friendly interface makes navigation and installation process easy.


To conclude, a multi-line phone system takes business communication to another level. It also makes work easier for companies as it provides them with the convenience of being able to have multiple calls without having to work from home. In addition, all those modern features that come with these systems are an added bonus.

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